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Valuation Advisory Services

Duff & Phelps' finance and accounting expertise, combined with our use and development of sophisticated valuation methodologies, fulfills even the most complex financial reporting and tax requirements. Duff & Phelps' valuation opinions are fully defensible and documented to provide support upon scrutiny from regulatory bodies, auditors, and other stakeholders.

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Disputes and Investigations

When facing disputes where litigation is a possibility or even a reality, attorneys and their clients rely on Duff & Phelps' seasoned experts. Our global team leverages technical and industry expertise to clarify facts, quantify damages and communicate findings clearly, concisely and objectively. Duff & Phelps' dispute consulting services are designed to assist clients through all phases of litigation, arbitration, mediation and trial. We also offer computer forensic, fraud and investigative services for regulatory proceedings, internal investigations and litigation. Ultimately, we provide our clients with objective analysis and practical advice that leads to sound business decisions.

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Although the turmoil in the financial markets has settled down in the last year, global investors still hold many "stranded" and illiquid securities and share increasing caution about the uncertainty of future interest rates and credit markets. Investors continue to seek a better understanding of the risk of complex, hard-to-value assets they hold. For investments having limited or no active markets, such as structured credit securities or complex derivatives and performing and nonperforming loan pools, investors seek supportable current values and ultimately, the likelihood of payoff of their investment. Duff & Phelps can provide cutting-edge financial processes and sophisticated quantitative models, matched with current market intelligence to help these investors with valuations and analysis for financial reporting, litigation support, risk advisory and derivative solutions advisory needs.

Our Complex Securities group works on a variety of challenging assignments in which assist our clients in valuing derivative instruments. Our team applies sophisticated mathematical models and innovative processes to design and evaluate complex financial instruments, drawing upon the latest developments in mathematics, computer science, and finance theory. Our clients gain understanding of complex issues and an ability to make decisions based on rigorous analysis rather than best guesses, resulting in an enhanced ability to achieve their goals.

Strong fixed asset and risk management promotes improved financial supervision and regulatory compliance while protecting companies against loss – both by tracking the location, quantity and condition of their fixed assets and capturing comprehensive property data for insurance placement purposes. Duff & Phelps' professionals offer private- and public-sector clients a best-practice approach to fixed asset inventory and reconciliation, with dedicated teams serving the needs of the healthcare, higher education and IT sectors. We provide trusted advice on process flow, data management, fixed asset componentization, and depreciation accounting. Our professionals also assist with the implementation of property control procedures; fixed asset accounting compliance; and property insurance appraisals, inspections and data collection.

Duff & Phelps offers experience and reliability in the valuation of machinery and equipment for virtually every industry. Our professionals perform machinery and equipment valuations for a variety of purposes, including: tax and financial reporting compliance, insurance coverage, lease negotiation, litigation support, merger and acquisition advisory, interest expense allocations and financing. Years of experience in tangible asset appraisal give Duff & Phelps' professionals great insight into the best practices for all aspects of fixed asset record consulting, including physical inventory, reconciliation and barcode tagging, all in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley 404 compliance requirements.

The increased focus on independence and governance, along with regulatory changes, are forcing a wide range of alternative asset investors and managers to seek objective valuation advice, including: private equity firms, hedge funds, business development companies, limited partners, corporations, and pension and endowment funds. Independent reviews of fair value policies, procedures and results provide comfort to investors, fund administrators and accounting managers, as well as auditors assessing valuation. Duff & Phelps specializes in assisting clients with the valuation of alternative investments, specifically securities and positions for which there are no "active market" quotations. We also advise on valuation policy best practices.

Duff & Phelps' Real Estate Services group provides comprehensive support in connection with acquisitions, portfolio valuations, dispositions and financings, enabling our clients to make important business decisions with confidence. Our professionals possess a unique combination of accounting, finance and real estate expertise, enabling us to provide comprehensive and accurate data review and informed opinions on both pre- and post-sale transaction decisions.

Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG), a division of Duff & Phelps, provides a range of real estate advisory services tailored to meet the requirements of specific jurisdictions and increase the value of individual assets or properties. Headquartered in Italy, with additional offices in Germany, France and the UK, REAG has a network of over 750 professionals across Europe offering valuation and investment advisory, technical services and due diligence, loan services, debt advisory and transaction consulting.

We help clients enhance fundamental company value by optimizing their transaction, investment, growth and operational strategies. Our Pre-Deal Advisory services focus on advising senior management and boards of directors of public and private companies that are looking to raise capital, prioritizing market opportunities, or considering mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or divestitures. Our Strategic Valuation services identify, value, and guide decisions on business growth strategies, strategic alternatives, capital allocation, and operational improvements that impact the bottom line and drive shareholder value.

Fulfilling complex transfer pricing requirements can be a daunting task for any multi-national organization. As experts in transfer pricing, Duff & Phelps provides an independent and uncompromised perspective on all aspects, including: compliance, planning, controversy and implementation. Our team of internationally recognized transfer pricing advisors provides the technical expertise and industry experience necessary to ensure understandable, implementable and supportable results.

When companies require an objective and independent assessment of value, they look to Duff & Phelps. Our finance and accounting expertise, combined with our use and development of sophisticated valuation methodologies, fulfills even the most complex financial reporting and tax requirements. We constantly monitor changing regulations and consistently provide input to the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board as we develop implementation guidance and new financial reporting rules with valuation implications. We also perform tax valuations and related consulting in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities.

Our Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions are designed to help minimize legal risk through consistent management of all contractual terms and obligations. Throughout each step in a client engagement, we maintain regular and ongoing communication to ensure each stakeholder’s total satisfaction with our performance and progress.

Exploding growth of information and increasingly complex legal, regulatory and technology environments present new opportunities to raise business value by governing information. At Duff & Phelps, we recognize that Information Governance is much more than records management, data management, and eDiscovery; it is helping our clients maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs.

Duff & Phelps helps clients rethink how they utilize their legal technology to increase efficiencies. We collaborate with our clients to identify, plan and execute well-defined and objective based projects in various areas, including matter management. Our ultimate goal is to optimize the process of managing the legal department and drive more value from outside counsel relationships.

Legal departments require a quality infrastructure, one that balances costs and risk, internal and external resource usage and both one-time and systematic compliance issues. Additionally, to support a legal department's efforts and justify its decisions, that infrastructure must incorporate reporting mechanisms to demonstrate achievement and to measure results. Law Department Strategy and Operations services include: Analyzing data to improve decision making, Developing standard policies and procedures, Clarifying roles and responsibilities, Implementing technology, Measuring progress against goals, Compliance program development and monitoring.

As part of the LMC practice, the IP management group provides consulting, implementation and support for clients’ intellectual property management needs. Our IP Management group works to reduce time to file by streamlining the entire IP management lifecycle and to increase monetization through portfolio analysis.

The need for independent financial advice at the board level never has been greater. Conflicted investment bankers with contingent fee arrangements, related-party transactions, and the lack of market-clearing mechanisms in certain deals all elevate board member scrutiny. An independent fairness analysis and opinion is a critical component of the board deliberation process. At Duff & Phelps, fairness opinions are not an add-on service but a core practice. The vast majority of our opinions are rendered in situations where Duff & Phelps is not the banker, and we are comfortable rendering opinions involving minority interests, debt securities and limited market checks. With a reputation built over decades, our practice delivers high quality financial advice and opinions that withstand the most rigorous scrutiny.

Duff & Phelps has a long and proven history of providing independent financial and strategic advice. Our mergers and acquisitions team has advised public corporations, financial sponsors, family-owned businesses and other middle market companies in hundreds of sell-side and acquisition advisory transactions. Drawing upon our firm-wide resources to deliver the best possible solution for our clients, our senior staff actively leads all facets of the transaction through completion.

Duff & Phelps' global restructuring team advises companies, financial sponsors, lenders, creditors and other stakeholders involved in challenging situations and distressed transactions. For decades, our practice has forged longstanding working relationships with the most active stakeholders and investors in the distressed community and across the asset management sector. Our team includes more than 200 restructuring and insolvency professionals throughout the U.S., Cayman Islands and Europe.

We offer a diverse suite of financial advisory services such as distressed M&A, operational and financial performance, illiquid investment management, insolvency and refinancing. Also, in our UK, Irish, Cayman and Canadian practices, we act as the court officer appointed to oversee the restructuring process under relevant legislation. We provide a unique, multidisciplinary approach that leverages our wide array of services, including M&A, and valuation, among others, to deliver value to our clients. Our global team of restructuring professionals is based in strategic locations worldwide, which enables us to seamlessly support multinational transactions and cross-jurisdictional distressed situations.

As a financial advisory services firm unencumbered by audit independence concerns, Duff & Phelps offers seamless analytical service throughout the deal continuum, from decision support at origination to deal closing and beyond. Combining market data with fundamental financial competencies, we support critical decision making with essential advice and information. Our Transaction Advisory Services professionals provide merger and acquisition, financial, tax, information technology and human resource due diligence to private equity, hedge fund and strategic investors. Our professionals are able to advise on all aspects of the investment cycle, employing an approach that focuses on value drivers and deal-breakers that are critical to investment decisions.

Governments at every level offer significant tax and non-tax financial incentives to businesses in return for job, capital and research and development investment. Duff & Phelps is a leader in helping businesses secure such incentives. We have worked on projects involving $5.8 billion of capital investment and have secured approximately $2.2 billion of incentives. We offer the agility, expertise and local contacts to secure value from business incentives, reduce above-the-line operating costs, enhance cash flow and raise return on investment. We understand the importance of approaching governments well in advance of a project's announcement, with a strong rationale for granting an incentive. Incentives may be available if a company is adding 10 or more employees to a single location or expending at least $1 million to create or expand new facilities or relocate operations.

Property tax is one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with tangible asset ownership. Many owners are unaware which items or costs are taxable, which items are being assessed or how property is being valued. Our professionals treat tax services as business opportunities by uncovering ways property tax can be used to positively impact the bottom line. We assist clients in identifying tax saving opportunities by reviewing their tangible property portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities. Through our diligence, we generate millions of dollars in property tax savings for clients worldwide.

Sales and use tax laws frequently change. If companies do not rigorously adhere to such tax laws, the recurring transactional expenses can become burdensome. To ensure compliance, Duff & Phelps offers a total sales and use tax strategy. Our professionals consider the big picture when generating high value tax-saving ideas, while using our national compliance center to help clients meet specific regional and jurisdictional sales and use tax compliance needs. Our long-term insights and strategies add value and save companies effort and expense.

In today's environment, even the most sophisticated company is exposed to the risk of either under- or over-reporting its unclaimed property liability. Any inactive property not claimed within one to five years creates a responsibility for the "holder" company, which must remit the unclaimed property to the state. Duff & Phelps' professionals specialize in helping companies proactively manage all of their unclaimed property activities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. By developing a series of tools to help companies gather, track and report unclaimed property of all types and across all industries, we ensure that companies meet, but not exceed, their unclaimed property reporting requirements. One powerful resource for our professionals is, the Unclaimed Property Portal, a robust online management tool that provides corporate holders with a real time audit trail of each potentially reportable unclaimed property record.

The financial services industry is subject to increasing scrutiny and new initiatives are impacting firms on a local and international level, requiring firms and individuals in those firms to be aware of all legislation and initiatives that may affect their firms. Kinetic Partners, a Division of Duff & Phelps, provides retained and advisory compliance consultancy support. We are a trusted advisor to a large variety of firms across the globe, including: hedge funds, private equity firms, wealth managers, corporate finance and broker dealers. Our compliance consultants have experience in setting up firms, assisting them in obtaining their initial authorization or registration, and providing ongoing compliance advice to navigate the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. We can offer you the opportunity to manage your own portfolio of clients seeking regulatory advice, and a varied work environment that is challenging and rewarding.

As technology continues to advance, so does the potential for increased cyber threats against our nation’s critical infrastructure. Unlike physical warfare, the distance between the attackers and the victims is irrelevant in cyber attacks, thus creating a bigger threat that proves even more difficult to identify, prevent and mitigate. Our Cybersecurity experts will help your business improve its security posture and develop plans to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a compromise. Your overall business environment will be improved with a customized Cybersecurity framework that aligns to your business objectives. Our engagements include a customize risk assessment that evaluates your end to end business workflow, including third parties and key stakeholders within your organization.

Our support includes:

  • Ongoing Cybersecurity Advisory Services “Virtual Chief Information Security Officer" (vCISO)
  • Documented cybersecurity alert response from global regulatory
  • Sensitive and critical data identification
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Create a written information security policy (WISP)
  • Development of an incident response plan (IRP)
  • Identify critical third parties and provide a comprehensive risk management review (RMR)
  • End user Cybersecurity training

As areas of regulation are being finalized and implemented, the industry and markets continue to evolve. Over the past decade, Duff & Phelps' Kinetic Partners division has provided specialist regulatory consulting services to clients across the global financial services industry, including: investment and private banking, asset management, wealth management and brokerage firms. We also work closely with a number of regulatory bodies and financial services industry associations throughout the world. Our consultants work on a wide range of engagements to deliver effective solutions to clients facing operational and regulatory challenges. This work includes the following areas: regulatory commissioned reviews, transaction reporting, market conduct risk assessments/pre and post-trade surveillance, AML/financial crime, compliance risk, governance and SYSC, due diligence and client money/custody.

The latest financial crisis has clearly emphasized the need for all market participants to better understand, monitor and disclose their risks - in particular, when investing in more complex products and strategies. As a result, regulators are now increasingly concerned about risk monitoring and transparency, with greater risk and compliance monitoring measures to be imposed on the investment community in the future. We offer an opportunity to join a fast-growing, entrepreneurial team of passionate individuals who consider risk management culture a core component of its value proposition.

Duff & Phelps' Kinetic Partners division helps businesses in the asset and investment management industry to understand complex tax-related rules and make informed decisions with significant impact. We provide expert tax advice to our clients, working collaboratively with legal counsel and local specialists where required. Our service offering is diverse, ranging from structuring and restructuring global asset managers, to guiding UK individuals on HMRC disclosure facilities, through to assisting expats and general compliance matters.

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